Hunter and Blacklist
Following a rather annoying tavern and battle bug, the following update should be completed

- Split Animal Herds into 4 levels.
- Added a new gathering field for Hunters
- Changed drop amounts.
- Updated process values

- Using the blacklist blocks tavern posts from the blacklisted user now as well.

A thread with more info can be found here:

- Ocean Update has been Added.
- Blacklist bugfixes have been added.
- Details can be seen in the above link.

07/29/16, 05:14 AM, Posted by:Administration
Server Move
Monday 11/7 we will be moving the TNR servers. This will unfortunately result in some down-time (up to 24 hours, but hopefully less). I hope you will all bear with us, and after the move I'll make sure to upload a little gift to everyone.

07/10/16, 01:57 AM, Posted by:Terr
The Festival of Shine!
The heat of summer is upon us, and with it comes the legendary Festival of Shine! Prepare yourself for a week of celebration, competition, and entertainment! For Shine villagers there will be plenty of daily festivities to partake in, and plenty of food and drink to eat.

The smithies of Shine will be working day and night to produce wonders such as the Piercing Storm Spear and the Amber Chestplate! Don't forget to stop by and grab something for yourself! And if you happen upon any Roses of Jericho, better keep them to yourself! Prize bags can be purchased during the festival from the Black Market for these rare flowers.

For the rest of Seichi, don't sweat... There have been rumors of a mysterious activist group that will stop at nothing to mechanize our interactions with animals... It's up to you to put a stop to their devilish plot!

07/09/16, 01:10 PM, Posted by:Reporter Hakkan, Daily Seichi News