Database Update and Dev Migration
Hey everyone!

Took a while, but the update is going to be uploaded. There will be some downtime and locked login, but don't fret, we'll be up in no time.

Update Notes

10/25/16, 06:18 AM, Posted by:Administration
Management Changes
Hello fellow Ninja's!

It's been a while since we had a Public Service Announcement, but we have one that will give quite a radical change in TNR's activities.

As most of you know, the game has always been owned and mostly run by Terriator. After more than 10 years he's grown a bit tired and demotivated to code TNR. Since his Thesis is now over and he has a regular job, the pressure of coding for TNR became to much. Whilst this is bad news, it leads right into the good news.

As Terriator decided to stop being the coder for TNR, he also agreed to hire a full time coder. Thanks to one of our members we found one that fit the profile we were looking for, has the necessary expertise and is within our budget.

You've already seen some work from him, the Ocean update, the Blacklist, and various bug fixes. The Split Inventory update is the next project he will finish.

As Terriator is taking a step back, he'll also let go of what is there to be added. Together with the Coder I, Pana, will decide on the course of action from here on out. Since TNR's code is still a bit cluttered, initial updates might take a bit longer. But as he gets more used to it I expect updates and fixes to roll out in a more consistent pattern.

As some have seen already, we also have a Dev Notes thread. We'll be using these types of threads more often for updates to notify all of you on what's happening.

Well that's it for this Public Service Announcement. Stay tuned as we'll disclose more details on upcoming updates.

10/06/16, 02:29 AM, Posted by:Administration
Hunter and Blacklist
Following a rather annoying tavern and battle bug, the following update should be completed

- Split Animal Herds into 4 levels.
- Added a new gathering field for Hunters
- Changed drop amounts.
- Updated process values

- Using the blacklist blocks tavern posts from the blacklisted user now as well.

A thread with more info can be found here:

- Ocean Update has been Added.
- Blacklist bugfixes have been added.
- Details can be seen in the above link.

07/29/16, 05:14 AM, Posted by:Administration